Experiments in generative comparative Maury analysis; from my series Memento Maury (2013-present).

Experiments in generative comparative Maury analysis; from my series Memento Maury (2013-present).

Why the Kitchen Computing Dream of the 80s Never Caught On | Motherboard

A fantastic article about the failure to bring the 80s computer (or “microprocessor”) into the kitchen along with some strange and interesting forgotten ephemera that fell to the wayside in the process. Maureen Ryan’s scholarship on the subject is stellar.

Portraits of Women with Vegetable Weapons by Tsuyoshi Ozawa

This is relevant somehow.

Portraits of Women with Vegetable Weapons by Tsuyoshi Ozawa

This is relevant somehow.

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UCLA’s SDS Sigma-7 computer. In 1969 this machine became the first node on ARPANET, early packet-switching network and predecessor of today’s Internet.

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Robots conquer Starblazer covers.


Supervenus by Frédéric Doazan
Words by Sophie Elliott

Supervenus was entered into the Brussels Short Film Festival and has since been making its way around the internet. It begins with an image of a cisgender woman in a French anatomy book. A faceless surgeon then begins altering the image, beginning with superficial changes, like the removal of body hair, and continuing on until the actions are gory, grotesque, and extreme - ultimately destroying the illustration.

From pulling out ribs in order to achieve that perfect - but physically unattainable - hourglass figure, to repeatedly sucking out fat from every part of the body and amending the shape of the breasts not once but twice, the video seeks to depict the unrealistic and ultimately fatal beauty expectations enforced on women in society today. Doazan does this by forcing the audience to observe the gruesome mutilation of what is, to begin with, a totally average body. Graphic and gory, the video makes the viewer think objectively about the act taking place, how it reflects their own negative thinking, and the pressure that extreme beauty ideals have on our society. The idea of a “Supervenus” is one of unachievable beauty. But it’s one that women across the globe strive for every day.

Parallel Magazine: Unashamedly Feminist
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Science fiction’s Islamic roots


From Ibn Tufail’s 12th century Hayy Ibn Yaqzan to Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain’s 1905 feminist masterpiece Sultana’s Dream, the Islamic world produced some of the earliest proto-sf, which IO9’s Charlie Jane Anders rounds up in an excellent post.

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New Media Caucus Media-N Journal - SUMMER 2014: V.10 N.02 now available online and in print!

The summer edition of the Media-N Journal is available on the New Media Caucus website and in print!  I had the honor of serving as the Managing Editor for this edition, which is dedicated to showcasing the College Art Association Annual Conference events sponsored by the New Media Caucus.  Included are tons of amazing artworks and discourse pertaining to diverse modes of production, practice, and theory in the realm of contemporary new media art.

Morehshin Allahyari’s work #dog #dildo #satellite-dish, 2014, a 3D print, is featured on the cover. Please check out more of her amazing work here.

Saturation 70: the Gram Parsons UFO film that never flew

"Long held to be a rumour by Parsons fans, proof of the film’s existence will appear in an exhibition at London’s Horse Hospital in the form of previously unseen production photos, pages from the original script and the first ever public screening of the only existing footage of the film; a five-minute showreel put together for the producers, which takes the form of a nascent music video for the Flying Burrito Brothers version of the Rolling Stones’ song Wild Horses."